Desktop and CLI Versions

Odevio offers both a desktop application and a Command Line Interface (CLI). This flexibility ensures that whether you prefer graphical interfaces or command-line operations for their efficiency, Odevio is equipped to suit your workflow. We recommend that if you are new to mobile app development that you start with our desktop application.


Build Processes with Real-Time Logs

Odevio simplifies the iOS build process, complementing it with real-time logs. This functionality allows developers to monitor build progress closely and address any issues promptly, ensuring smoother development cycles.


Diverse Build Options

Odevio supports multiple build types for different stages of the iOS app development cycle:


  • Configuration builds provide access to a remote Mac via VNC for Xcode configuration, debugging, and testing, allowing changes to be retrieved locally.

  • Ad-hoc builds generate an IPA file for testing the app on physical iOS devices.

  • Publication builds automates the first step of the app submission process to the App Store.

  • And others…


Streamlined Apple Developer Account Integration

By linking your Apple Developer account with Odevio, the management of App IDs is greatly simplified. This feature enables the importation or creation of App IDs within the platform.


Collaboration and CI/CD Integration

Odevio promotes teamwork and efficiency through features that support collaboration and integrate seamlessly with CI/CD pipelines like GitLab, GitHub Actions, and Azure Pipelines. These integrations are a great addition for automating builds and deployments, improving overall productivity. Discover our CI/CD integrations on our Github repository.

Odevio also features Team management. Increase collaboration within your team by managing access to app IDs and developer accounts.


Comprehensive Support and Community

You have access to extensive documentation and tutorials that provide a deep dive into Odevio’s functionalities. Learn how to deploy iOS apps with Odevio with our documentation. Additionally, Odevio's community Discord server offers a platform for discussion, support, and sharing insights with fellow developers.



Odevio not only simplifies the path to iOS app development for developers using Windows or Linux but also improves workflow for efficient and collaborative development and deployment. With a comprehensive set of features designed to meet the needs of today’s mobile app developers, Odevio is a must-have too for you mobile developers.


Ready to transform your iOS app development and deployment process?

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