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  1. 1. Install Odevio on your device

    Odevio can easily be installed with pip.

    $ pip install odevio

  2. 2. Create your Odevio account

    You can sign up using the command odevio signup.

    $ odevio signup

  3. 3. Start building !

    Once this is done you can either start a build machine in configuration mode : to configure XCode or test your app in the iOS simulator.

    $ odevio build start --build-type configuration

They tried Odevio, and they were convinced

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  • iOS icon

    Maxime Meurisse

    Spa Francorchamps

    Odevio is a great productivity tool. It made publishing our app so much easier than we were used to.

  • Windows icon

    Erwan Thebault


    I used to own a PC and a Mac specifically for building iOS apps but with Odevio it made my life such easier. It is such a useful and time saving tool.

  • Stats icon

    Romain Dubois


    We have been using Odevio in our team for quite some time now and it helped us streamline our development process.

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